Terms & Conditions


The application's user is responsible for any abuse of this application "mpConnect". An Abuse is defined as using foul language, profanity or excessive calling, sending excessive text messages, sending obscene text messages or sending excessive emails and sending obscene emails to the Members of Parliament.
We, as App makers will not be responsible for any misuse or abuse. Any misuse could be prosecuted by law and an individual could be penalized under the existing laws.

Privacy Policy

  • The application collects user's email address as a mandatory step to set up the application in their devices.
  • The email thus collected is for the records and will not be used for any other purpose of mass mailing, advertising etc., The email will not be distributed or abused.
  • The application utilizes the device's services for making call, sending text messages and sending email. The service provider's charges apply for the call. The call could be a local call or a long distance call and the charges, as it applies to a mobile phone or to a landline phone, will be applicable based on the location of MP and the calling option chosen by the user.
  • Likewise the service provider's charges apply for the text messages too. The text messages if sent precisely within the 140 characters will be counted as one text, otherwise the lengthy content will be sent as 2 or more than 2 texts and the charges will apply accordingly.
  • For email service, the application makes use of the email client configured in the device, or it shall ask for choosing one of the email client (available by default in the device) from the list it will display. In the process, the user will configure the email client chosen and shall send the email. The sending of the email depends upon the data plan and the service provider chosen. The tariff applies accordingly or if there isn't any data plan, the email might just remain with our database.
  • All the communication media chosen above will be tracked and recorded (except the phone call, either to mobile or land line) in our database. The recorded information will be sent to the web service, again by utilizing the data plan of the service provider chosen by the user. The information thus collected through the web service will be displayed on the website http://mpconnect.voter.in
  • While displaying the information on the website, all care will be taken that user information is not broadcasted. The email id will be morphed in the display and will not be displayed completely, as in the example here: madxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com

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